Glapwell Parish had entered an exciting time as we prepare to start the process of putting together a Neighbourhood Development plan for Glapwell Village!

Neighbourhood Development plan are community-led Plans to guide the future development and growth of an area. They relate to the use and development of land and allow communities to establish general planning policies. They can   influence the type, design, location and mix of new development in the Plan area. When adopted they sit alongside other development plans for the district (for example the Local Plan).

There are certain stages we need to go through to put together a Neighbourhood Development plan and we are at the start of this journey. Step one has been to define the boundary of the area that the plan will apply to. You can view our application here Formal Notice of Application for designation of the parish of Glapwell as a Neighbourhood Area

Over the coming months your views will be sought on what is important to you for your village. More information on neighbourhood planning and the process to get the plan in place is available here: Neighbourhood planning